Wildlife Tag

GET U 1 Good Enough To Mount!

We are excited to announce that Alabama Wildlife Federation members and supporters have a new way to show off your passion for wildlife and the outdoors! Beginning August 1st, visit your local tag office and customize your new Alabama Wildlife tag. This new design captures nature at its finest hour with a massive whitetail buck, flying mallards, strutting wild turkeys, bass bedding in the blue water, an alligator lurking nearby, and the opportunity to now incorporate 6 characters on your personalized message. 

Take your ride on the wild side
by purchasing the Alabama Wildlife tag today!

Support the Alabama Wildlife Federation 

and support wildlife, wildlife conservation, connecting youth and adults to the outdoors, and our hunting and angling heritage through your purchase of the Alabama Wildlife tag at your local tag office. 

Not only will the additional revenue generated by the tag sales enable
AWF to grow and accomplish more for wildlife in Alabama, but the increased
exposure of the AWF name and logo will raise our visibility even more.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Alabama Wildlife Tag

How will the proceeds from the Alabama Wildlife tag help the Alabama Wildlife Federation?
Proceeds from the purchase of our Alabama Wildlife Tag help fund numerous projects such as: The Alabama Nature Center, Operation Game Watch, Alabama Black Bear Alliance, Alabama Quail Trail, the Alabama Outdoor Classroom program, and many more!

How much does it cost to get an Alabama Wildlife tag?
It cost $50.00 to purchase the Alabama Wildlife tag, plus an additional one-time $5.00 fee when the newly designed metal tag is issued. There is no cost to personalize your tag and a portion of the $50 fee is tax deductible.

Where can I get an Alabama Wildlife Tag?
The Alabama Wildlife tag may be purchased at your local tag office in the county where you reside. Find the Motor Vehicle and Tag Official in your county. You can purchase the Alabama Wildlife tag anytime, regardless of your renewal month.

Can I personalize my Wildlife tag?
Yes. Personalized tags may be ordered at no additional cost. If your personalized message is approved by the Department of Revenue, you will pay for the tag and will be issued a 60-day temporary tag for each personalized tag ordered. Click here to reserve a personalized tag online. 6 characters are available on personalized message.

When are tags renewed?
Alabama registers vehicles under a staggered registration system, January through November, based on the first letter of the owner's last name.
Month: Last Name Begins With
January: A, D
February: B
March: C, E
April: F, G, N
May: H, O
June: M, I
July: L, P, T
August: J, K, R
September: Q, S, T
October: U, V, W, X, Y, Z