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As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues, AWF and all natural resource conservationists are looking for ways we can volunteer to help. At the moment, with the oil slick still off-shore, volunteer needs are less than what they will be once the slick reaches the coast. Right now, the best thing you can do if you want to volunteer is sign up. This will allow for volunteers to be deployed when and as specific needs are identified. If you are interested in being added to a volunteer sign up list, there are two options we recommend you consider:
  1. Signing up directly with AWF so that we can deploy “AWF Volunteers” for specific assistance needs when they are requested by appropriate authorities such as the Joint Incident Command, and/or our state, federal, and local natural resources agencies and partners. Sign up here if you would like to be on the “AWF Volunteer” list and would like to be contacted if specific requests for volunteers are made to AWF.
  2. Signing up directly with the Unified Command Center that is coordinating the overall oil spill response. They will provide notification of volunteer needs as they are specified. Call 211 (Alabama Volunteer Sign Up) or Unified Command at 1-866-448-5816.

Sign Up Here
Please leave your contact information to be added to our e-mail contact list. We will contact you in the event that volunteers are needed to help protect or maintain the health of our coast! Thank you, Alabama Wildlife Federation
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More Information

For up to date information on the oil spill response, we recommend the following website where photos, press releases, and fact sheets are available:

What to Do If You See Oiled Wildlife
 If you find an oiled animal, please do not touch or try to approach it. Handling oiled wildlife may pose a health and safety risk to both you and the animal you are trying to rescue.

Please contact BP's Oiled Wildlife Response Hotline immediately (1-866-557-1401).

Helpful information to have available includes:
  • Type (and number) of animal(s)
  • Location (be as specific as possible, e.g. beach name, where on beach)
  • Time last seen
  • Your phone number in case we need to reach you
BP has released the following information for those who have inquiries:
To report oiled wildlife, please call 1-866-557-1401
To discuss oil related damage, please call 1-800-440-0858
To report oiled shoreline or request volunteer information, please call 1-866-448-5816