Alabama Outdoor Classroom Map

The NEW Alabama Outdoor Classroom Map will provide information about local outdoor classrooms,  resources and support in your county including:
  • Enrolled & Certified Outdoor Classroom Schools - Local schools that are developing, using and/or sustaining their outdoor classroom through the Alabama Outdoor Classroom Program.
  • Alabama Outdoor Classroom Community Partners - Local organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals that provide resources and support for schools enrolled in the Alabama Outdoor Classroom Program.
The Alabama Outdoor Classroom Map is a NEW project and is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Enrolled Outdoor Classroom Schools and our Community Partners are now invited to sign up on the Outdoor Classroom Map!  We hope to have enrolled outdoor classroom schools and community partners in every county by the end of the year!  So be sure to come back and view the Outdoor Classroom Map periodically... 

In the meantime, if your school is enrolled in the Alabama Outdoor Classroom Program or if you or your organization, agency or business would like to be a Community Partner, then please contact April Waltz, the Alabama Outdoor Classroom Program Coordinator, at about signing up on the map today.

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